If you have a credit on your account, please submit a Credit Request form. Forms are also located in the Self-Serve area of the SFS lobby. 

Please note:

  • After Add/Drop; if enrollment, academic, & aid requirements are met, financial aid will post.

  • Refunds will not be issued without a credit balance. Check your account online in TouchNet.

  • Selecting Full Refund will zero out your account. Subsequent charges will be due & payable.

  • Cash withdrawals & refunds are limited to 3 per semester. Please bring photo ID when picking up a check or making a withdrawal.

  • As the popularity of mobile banking apps rises, please be aware of your bank's deposit limit for checks.

    • Some banks will not accept mobile deposits in large amounts.

    • If you have a large credit, you may need to make your deposit in person or request an eRefund.

Processing times:

  • eRefunds can take @ 2 full business days to post to bank accounts.

    • Available to US, non-commercial accounts. Fund availability times may vary. Allow for bank holidays.

  • Refund checks are usually available within 3-5 working days.

  • AU Housing rent transfers take a minimum of 5 working days to post. Without sufficient processing time, SFS is not responsible for late fees charged.

E-refunds are fast & easy!

  1. Set up or confirm your Refund Profile information in TouchNet. Refund Profile Setup Instructions

  2. Request your refund, select eRefund in Step 3.

Title IV refunds explained.