Counseling & Testing Center
Bell Hall, Suite 123
4195 Administration Dr
(269) 471-3470

The Counseling & Testing Center is the primary mental health care facility for Andrews University, serving as a supportive facility aimed at enhancing a positive University learning environment. It provides timely and comprehensive short-term counseling to University students and their spouses.

The Counseling & Testing Center endorses a holistic approach in working with students in an open, warm, accepting and confidential environment by facilitating integration of the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual qualities of each individual.

Registration is not complete until all forms in the registration packet are completed. Once you've completed the online registration packet, please call the Counseling and Testing Center at 269-471-3470 or come in person during office hours to schedule your first appointment.

NOTE: If you are seeking services to fulfill an undergratuate class requirement, please discontinue here and contact The Andrews Community Counseling Center located in Bell Hall Room 156; telephone 269-471-6238.

The Counseling & Testing Center promotes the prevention, early detection and treatment of prevalent, often underdiagnosed and treatable mental health disorders and alcohol problems through in-person and online mental health screening.

Our dedicated staff are here for you. Reach out to one of our staff members to get assistance.

Wellness involves a set of life skills that promote wellbeing and help to prevent the onset of illness. The Counseling & Testing Center promotes wellness and the prevention of illness through outreach activites across campus. We are a Certified Well Department, collaborating with other departments on campus to promote student wellness.

Research suggests several key traits you can cultivate to keep your mental health in check. Five of these top traits are flexibility, passion, resilience, gratitude and self-compassion. The Counseling & Testing Center is commited to helping you develop these traits in your life.

The Career Center is located on the third floor of the James White Library in Suite 306. The staff is commited to every student's overall career development through counseling and assessment, proving necessary resources for career exploration, planning and management. 

The Counseling & Testing Center is an authorized testing site for various national standardized tests. These include college entrance exams such as ACT and SAT, graduate school exams such as the CLEP test, and English proficiency exams including the TOEFL.

Access our counseling, testing and internship forms to schedule what you need to get done.

Knowledge is a powerful weapon against stigma. We want you to learn about mental health. Know that it is okay to seek help and that there are many resources available for you. We’ve collected links to self-help materials that can assist you in understanding these challenges and what you can do to improve your sense of wellbeing.

You may encounter a friend in distress and your role could be a positive and crucial one in assisting him/her to find the resources available to help himself/herself. The following guidelines may be useful.

As humans, we often rely on how others respond as a sort of heuristic or cognitive shortcut to navigate through uncertain territory and times—including our current response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Counseling & Testing Center developed guides for employees and students as well as links to additional mental health resources.


The Counseling & Testing Center offers a part-time, six-month internship (600 total hours—240 direct client contact) for Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) graduate students. This opportunity is based on a general approach to the practice of counseling that is informed by the graduate program.

Counseling is a personal matter and all inquiries and meetings are private and confidential to the extent permitted by law, except in situations where there is a threat or danger to life, including neglect or abuse of a child or an elderly person.